What is the process of dropping kerbs in Mansfield?

Each council has a different process for installing dropped kerbs. Here are some guidelines:

Dropped kerbs also known as a vehicular or dropped curb is a section or kerb of kerb that has been dropped to permit vehicles to cross it onto a private or driveway. You will need these steps to put in a dropped-kerb.

For the dropped kerb you will need to check with your council. Some authorities may require you to obtain planning permission.

Request permission from your local council to put a drop-kerb. The highways department may require you to send them a sketch of your house, showing the area where the dropped kerb is proposed.

Wait until the council approves your application. This may take several days.

Once you have submitted your application, you need to hire someone to put in the dropped kerb. You should get bids from several contractors in order to find the best deal.

To install the dropped kerb, the contractor must excavate the ground and build a foundation.

Once the foundation has cured the contractor will add the kerb rocks and finalize the surface to match the existing pavement.

When the drop kerb is completed, it will be necessary to notify your local council in order to have it checked. A certificate of completion will be given to you if the council certifies that the drop kerb meets their requirements.

In Nottinghamshire we are lucky in that we don’t need to apply for planning permission. The only permit we need is applied for by the contractor who is registered by the highways authority, and it allows them to work on the highway.

Kerb-dropping has many advantages. These are only a few… Are Dropped Kerbs Enforceable?

Your driveway will have better vehicle access

This allows you to quickly access your driveway and private roads with your car, especially if your driveway is not easy to reach without dropping a kerb.

Enhanced kerb appeal

A dropped kerb will make your driveway more inviting and attractive, which can increase curb appeal.

Property values improve

This can help increase your property’s value as buyers will be attracted by properties with easy access to their vehicles.

Load and unload your vehicle with ease

You can load your car and move it around much easier by not having to park on the street or carry your stuff long distances.

Property safety enhanced

This can increase the safety of your home by reducing the chance of pedestrians or vehicles turning onto the street.

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