Dropped kerb - vehicular crossing in Mansfield

You can apply for a crossing that permits you to cross a footpath with a vehicle in order to gain access to the highway or road. You must own the property. The work will be done by you at your expense. Before any work is done, you need to get permission from us.

Before you apply for a dropped kerb

Before you submit your application, please check the Highway programme. It will show you if there are any plans for your street.

You should not use these lists as a guideline, as they can be changed for many reasons. Fees are non-refundable. You are responsible for all applications and works that you do.

Dropped kerb applications to highways teams must include permission from our planning division.

Planning permission is required if you want to plan.

  • The location of your dropped kerb will be on a road that is classified as A, C or B.

The Nottinghamshire adopted road gazetteer can help you locate the class of Nottinghamshire adopted roads. The first letter of a road number is the classification of road. Permission is not required for unclassified roads (U). The gazetteer doesn’t show un-adopted or private roads. Contact the landowner to find out if your street is not listed. The permission is normally granted by the street administrator or developer. The Land Registry should be capable of confirming who owns the land.

  • Your property is located in a conservation area or a listed building.
  • If you are unsure, please check out the conservation areas of Nottinghamshire
  • Any surface water that runs off your new driveway drains off your property
  • Your property is more than a residence for one family. Flats, maisonettes, and industrial properties are all acceptable.

While you might be able apply under “permitted development”, we suggest that you seek the advice of our planning department.

The cost of planning consents will depend on the complexity and location.

Apply for a dropped kerb

After you have approved development or planning permission, the highways team can accept your application.


If applicable, your planning consent

  • A plan of the site (example sketchplan)
  • If necessary, permission must be obtained from the property owners
  • The application fee for £132.30

You can pay the fee with a card. The fee cannot be refunded.

The highways team can advise you whether your application is acceptable.

  • Approved
  • Accepted with conditions
  • rejected

Contractors doing the work

To grant permission for the contractor to perform the work, we will need to know all details about their qualifications and insurance.

If your application has been accepted, you’ll need to provide our reference number.

You might need additional forms or charges if:

  • Temporary traffic light (temporary signals), are required in order to safely complete the Section 171 application. (PDF, 398KB).
  • It is necessary to move a streetlight


S.184 of Highways Act 1980 makes it an offense to gain vehicular access to a property without a properly constructed vehicular crossing (dropped curb).

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