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Tarmac Driveways Mansfield is your leading supplier of Patterned Concrete driveways. We have offices in the East Midlands. We are the top specialists in pattern imprinted concrete. This reputation has been built by our professionalism and trust throughout the installation process.

Our customers receive a friendly and professional service. We strive to be the best. Our skilled professionals transform driveways, patios and paths in your home. Our work will add beauty and value to the property within days.

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Patterned Imprinted Concrete

Patterned imprinted concrete can be a very innovative skill. This method uses colours and patterns to decorate concrete driveways, patios, and paths. This allows you to recreate the appearance of genuine materials like stone, slate, timber. This eliminates the associated high costs of natural products.

Minimal Maintenance

Patterned concrete offers a unique product with minimal maintenance. It performs well over other products like flagstones or tarmac. Many problems can be eliminated by using a dolomite subbase and four inches fibre reinforced concrete. These issues include sinking and weeds as well as moss. Alternative products are available. With wooden decked patios, block paving is possible. Wood rot and pest management are also issues.

Why Decorative Imprinted Concrete?

No matter what size driveway you need, whether it is for your family home or for a business entrance, our concrete installations will provide beauty, strength, and long-lasting durability. KFC and McDonald’s are two examples of companies that use decorative imprinted concrete. They can resurface their drive-thru parking lots or customer parking areas.

We offer a variety of floor installation and resurfacing options for both commercial and domestic customers. All of our products are durable and high-performing.

Our services include concrete staining on new installations, concrete stains, repair of imprinted concrete surface, maintenance, and a free lifetime resealing.

Our domestic concrete applications can be used for:

  • Any new residential development project;
  • Any poolside paving construction
  • You may need to clean up any open spaces.
  • Concrete surfaces can be waterproofed or stained.
  • Fixing cracks
  • Warehouses can have functional concrete floors coated with floor coatings.
  • Resurfacing of formerly built-up areas
  • Resurfacing interior floor spaces;
  • Outdoor areas with high footfall and vehicular traffic;
  • Create firm, non-slip surfaces

Use our domestic decorative concrete services to reap the benefits:

  • It’s also cost-effective.
  • Durable and durable;
  • It’s ideal for both small and large areas.
  • Can be used in both indoor and exterior spaces.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Our products & services support local industry
  • Perfect for the UK climate
  • Beautiful and customizable with different textures.
  • Slip resistant, waterproof, fireproof
  • It’s simple to maintain and resists oil rust, mould and tire marks.
  • Resist peeling, chipping or fading.

The decorative concrete and domestic imprinted surfaces are available in many different colours and textures. This allows you to create a unique look and feel.

Our resurfacing technique, which is concrete-based, can adhere to virtually any solid base. It can be applied on surfaces such as bricks, slates, marble, or stone.

Our imprinted concrete surfaces are extremely durable and require little maintenance.

A concrete surface with patterns imprinted will help you save money while improving the quality and appearance.

What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

Simply put, patterned concrete is also known as stamped concrete. It involves pouring concrete onto a sub-base and then applying a color followed by a hardener. This is different from traditional concreting that used blocks to create your finish.

The pattern is applied after the concrete has drained. There are many options for prints to choose from, including brickwork, texture stone, and ashlar stones. For driveway lining, patterned concrete is a popular option for domestic properties.

Good quality print

The quality of printed concrete is the most important aspect to consider. Laying fresh concrete takes extreme care and dedication. Otherwise, the concrete will become inconsistent and cause a poor floor.

A contractor might use 6-8 rigid matsa and 1 flexible mat to print a set. Six mats are needed to cover the narrowest section on the driveway. The flexible mats, however, can be used to access and print areas where rigid mats won’t.

Although most printing mats measure 600x600mm in size, it is possible to order matts up to 600x600mm.

Colour Consistency

If you are looking to have imprinted concrete flooring, ensure you consider the following: Colour surface hardener is the main component of patterned concrete. Antique release agents are also important.

It will cause a poor finish if the colour surface binder isn’t applied correctly or isn’t used enough. This is especially noticeable for large commercial jobs, like retail shop flooring.

Large commercial jobs may require several concrete deliveries. This can result in slight colour variation in each concrete mixture. The job of the surface hardener, when applied, is to match the colours. This is an ideal option for large jobs that require more time than a few days.

Ensuring Long-Term Durability

The sub-stone base material must be combined with the subgrade (the subgrade, which could be soil, stones, etc.) to ensure that concrete floors will not crack.

The concrete mix used also plays an important role in ensuring that the structural integrity of the concrete floor will last for many years.

This is especially important when you live in areas with high traffic, such as driveways and multi-storey car parkings.

Reduce the Chance of the Concrete Cracking

Patterned concrete driveways should contain 300kgs or more cement per cubic meter.

For colder weather, you’ll need more, approximately 350-380kg.

An air entertaining additive can also be added to enhance the floor’s durability and resistance from cracking caused by heavy traffic and weather.

Reducing Maintenance & Maximising Results

You can enhance the overall appearance of patterned cement by applying an acrylic sealant that is solvent-based (only once dry). Water-based acrylics can be more difficult to use on patterned concrete, so avoid them.

To maintain the appearance of your concrete patterned, it is worth applying sealant at least every four years.

It isn’t mandatory but it will help keep your driveway, or wherever we have patterned concrete installed, looking amazing for many years.