What is a dropped kerb in Mansfield?

Your council will need information about any changes you make to your driveway or parking lot. The dropped kerb, which is the low access point connecting your driveway to the highway, allows your vehicle safely to enter and leave the road. They must be constructed according to local building standards and by approved contractors.

You will also need contractors who are registered on the Street Works Qualification Register as required by the New Roads and Street Works Act (1991). They must also have proper liability insurance. We have the proper Street works permits and insurance.

If your driveway already contains a dropped kerb and the line between the kerb lines is not being altered, then you do not need to add a new one. You will need permission from your local authority if you want to create or change an access point to your parking area.

I need my curb lowered. Could you please help?

First, find out if your curb will be lowered and apply for a highway excavating licence. This applies to kerb extensions too. The local highways department will send an officer to assess whether planning permission is required, if underground utility plans are needed from the relevant supplier, as well as determine whether the license is granted. The entire process can take anywhere from four to five days.

After the excavation licence has been issued and all necessary planning permission granted, work can begin. The drop kerb may then be built according to the authority’s specifications. Note that if an excavation licence is not granted and work begins, the council can penalize you retrospectively. This is why it is so important that all the steps are managed by an experienced contractor.

What's the use of a dropped knob?

Dropped curbs will prevent cars from parking too close or on the sidewalk. They can also provide wheelchair access. They have been recommended by the Department of Transport in England since 2010. They are loved by landowners as well as homeowners.

What's the cost of a kerb dropped?

The job’s complexity and location will affect the cost of having a dropkerb installed. A single opening for 5 is approximately £1400. You should remember that this estimate does not include all factors. Other factors are the type of curb you choose, the distance between your property and the dropped curb, and many more.

Our years of experience in building access points has allowed us to set the right standards from application through completion.

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